$ 100,000 or a scholarship for a lucky few vaccinated

A few lucky vaccinees will share nearly $ 1.5 million (1.23 million euros) or scholarships if they win a lottery launched on Wednesday June 9 by the Canadian province most affected by the epidemic, to speed up its vaccination campaign. The government of Manitoba, in central Manitoba, has announced two raffles by the end of the summer, reserved for those who have received one or two doses of the vaccine by September 6. In each of the draws, seven prizes of $ 100,000 (68,000 euros) will be awarded to the winners, as well as ten scholarships of $ 25,000 for students aged 12 to 17, according to a government statement.

People who received a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine before August 2 will be eligible for the first draw, the second being reserved for people fully vaccinated before September 6. “The sooner you get vaccinated, the faster you can return to normal life. This lottery gives Manitobans even more reason to roll up their sleeves, not once, but twice ”, said Brian Pallister, Premier of the province.

The province of 1.4 million people is the jurisdiction in North America currently with the highest number of daily Covid-19 cases relative to its population, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. A poll released Wednesday by the Angus Reid Institute places Prime Minister Brian Pallister second to last among those of Canada’s ten provinces for his management of the pandemic.


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