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November continues to delight with premiere projects that can be watched now or postponed – they will not lose value over time. Channel “Russia 1” releases the long-awaited “Seventh Symphony”. The first channel “responds” with the series “Resurrection”, in which the hero of Yuri Kolokolnikov is in some way the heir of Sherlock Holmes – only a doctor by profession. The project waited in the wings – it took a long time to prepare for the release. Also this week, TV channels and web resources celebrate the anniversary of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. And for those who want to laugh at themselves and others, there is a novelty – the first series of “Quartet I”, staged based on the play of the same name “There is nothing in Borenka”. A bit more about these and other projects in our guide to the week’s premieres.

1. The series “Resurrection”. Channel One, November 8-11, 21.30. Time and place of action of the historical detective – St. Petersburg, 1912. Every time the metropolitan police cannot cope with another convoluted murder, the luminary of surgery – 40-year-old professor of medicine, Arkady Gavrilovich Voskresensky – is called for help. The cases that Voskresensky and his assistant, doctor Ivan Fogel are investigating, are the most inexplicable. However, Voskresensky proves that real killers are behind all these crimes. Cast – Yuri Kolokolnikov, Maxim Lagashkin, Anton Khabarov, Vilma Kutavichyute and others.

2. The series “Seventh Symphony”. “Russia 1”, November 8, 21:20. Leningrad. Spring 1942. After the first blockade winter, the conductor of the Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra of the Radio Committee receives an important government task – to perform Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony in the besieged city. It seems impossible – only a few musicians remained from the orchestra: someone died of hunger, someone went to the front, and someone went missing. But the concert should take place and thunder all over the world, so that both friends and enemies would hear: “Leningrad is alive!” An employee of the NKVD Anatoly Seregin (Alexei Kravchenko) has been seconded to help the head of the orchestra Karl Eliasberg (Alexei Guskov). Directed by Alexander Kott. Cast – Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Natalia Rogozhkina, Victoria Tolstoganova, Daria Konyzheva, Lydia Velezheva, Timofey Tribuntsev and others.

3. Films and programs for the anniversary of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky. November 11 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the classic writer. On “Russia K”, November 8 – 11 at 22:25 – “The Gospel of Dostoevsky” – the author’s project of Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeev). The cycle, based on the Metropolitan’s book of the same name, consists of four voluminous plots corresponding to the periods of the writer’s main works – the novels Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Demons, The Brothers Karamazov. November 9 and 14 at 14:15 on the channel the program “The Glass Bead Game” with Igor Volgin. And on November 12 at 20.40 – the feature film “The Idiot”. Channel One repeats the documentary “Between Heaven and Hell” to a major date associated with the writer. Air – November 11 at 00:00.

4. Show “Cabaret” Black Cat “.” TV Center “, November 12, 11:10 pm. Hosts Anna Ardova and Alexey Kolgan. Cabaret” Black Cat “- a meeting place for creative people: artists, musicians, showmen, poets … Guests – artists, bohemians, idols and celestials.Visitors of the first program – Boris Shcherbakov, Alexander Inshakov, Alisa Mon, Edgard Zapashny, the Safronov brothers and others.

5. Simple Secrets program. On NTV, November 12 at 08.25. Popular singer and TV presenter Albina Dzhanabaeva, together with guest stars and experts – stylists, makeup artists, beauty bloggers – will discuss health and beauty issues. They will create new images for the heroines, reveal many secrets, including how to preserve youth for longer. They promise that the new show will help girls and women feel young, beautiful, healthy and happy.

6. The series “Sea Devils. Distant Frontiers”. New season. NTV, November 12 at 18.25. This season, the Russian Counter-Terrorism Center (CTC) will have to confront the international information and research center Pandora, whose status is only a cover, under which influential Western intelligence services are fighting against Russia in the information, political, economic and international spheres. In this struggle, the CTC, led by Bulatov and Prigov, is an adversary who possesses all modern technologies of struggle.

It is they who set a new task for Bizon – to reorganize the “Nerpov” into “Sharks” and collect new fighters capable of performing complex combat missions. Cast: Oleg Chernov, Daria Yurgens, Ivan Parshin, Anton Gulyaev, Boris Chistyakov, Oleg Pak and others.

Photo: NTV

7. Show “Great Musical”. “Russia-Culture” November 13 at 20:00. In the second edition – “Acquaintance” – the contestants try to make themselves known, to win the sympathy of viewers and members of the jury, which includes People’s Artist of Russia Larisa Dolina, director, artistic director of the Pushkin Moscow Drama Theater Evgeny Pisarev, Russian and Georgian singer Teona Kontridze, director , singer, dancer Yanush Yuzefovich. The hosts are Maria Sittel and Sergey Epishev. Viewers will hear songs from musicals: “Metro”, “Man from La Mancha”, “Aladdin”, “Les Miserables”, “Starmania” and others. The performances were created by artistic director and director Alexei Frandetti, directors Igor Teplov and Anna Shevchuk, musical directors and conductors Evgeny Zagot, Pyotr Vostokov, Sergei Durygin, Andrei Alekseev, costume designer Victoria Sevryukova, choreographers Sofya Gaidukova and Svetlana Khoruzhina, vocal teacher Aset Samrailova …

Photo: Press Service of TC “Russia K”

8. Serial “Rodkom”. Second season. On STS, November 8 at 19:00. According to the plot of the new series, Sergei Shmelev (Viktor Horinyak) becomes the head of the parent committee, replacing his girlfriend and former classmate Sveta Surkova (Olga Lerman). Now she takes the place of the homeroom teacher, and her mother is the new headmaster of the school. True, Anna Petrovna is sure that a simple hard worker is not a couple of her intelligent and educated daughter. Especially when the wealthy and well-mannered Vlad (Pavel Savinkov) is nearby. In the continuation of the series, Olga Kabo also joined the cast, who played the director of the school, Anna Petrovna. And also a new character appeared – a boyfriend of one of the schoolgirls – performed by 16-year-old Vanya Dmitrienko. Viewers will see the famous musician and blogger in an unusual way for him – with dreadlocks and a tattoo on his face.

9. The series “Something is missing in Borenka”. At START on November 11. On this day, two episodes will be available to subscribers of the video service. The plot is based on the classic story of the creation of a film in the conditions of the director’s creative crisis. The action unfolds during the “cap” (as the movie calls the banquet after filming). It is on this evening that the members of the film crew throw out the emotions accumulated during the work on the picture. Fleeting novels and intrigues come to an end, the debate fades, and the director ponders whether he managed to create something “real” after the series about bandits and cops – a movie about himself and our time. In addition to Maxim Vitorgan, who played the director, all the stars of “Quartet I” will return to their roles, which have already been repeatedly performed on stage: Rostislav Khait plays the director of the picture Boris Naumovich, Leonid Barats and Alexander Demidov – scriptwriters Kirill and Grisha, who cannot be divided one woman, and Kamil Larin – the actor Oleg, who saves the film, replacing the artist Kalmykov (Pavel Maikov) who went into a binge. Alexey Agranovich, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anastasia Ukolova, Yulia Topolnitskaya, Polina Aug, Mikhail Politseimako and others also starred in the series. Directed by Nikita Vlasov.

10. The series “Polar”. Second season. TNT, November 8 at 20.00. A comedy series starring Mikhail Porechenkov as Viti Myasnik, a former gangster from the nineties who began a new peaceful life in the town of Polyarny on the edge of Russia and put it in order. In the sequel, Vitya and other residents of the town will face new problems that Russian reality throws at them. After the events of the first season, Vitya Myasnik settled down and settled down in Polyarny: he forced the local mayor to be the most honest official in the country, put local hooligans in line, built himself a new farm and is preparing to propose to Polina. But dreams of a quiet family life will have to be postponed: crisis manager Raisa Borisovna comes to the town with an order to organize the construction of a landfill not far from Myasnik’s house. On the side of Raisa – the administrative resource, on the side of Viti – truth and justice.

11. Let’s not forget about cinema. The premiere of the feature film “The Peanut Falcon” starring Dakota Johnson and Shia LaBeouf will be on Channel One on November 13, 23.20. Zach, 22, with Down Syndrome lives in a nursing home in North Carolina, where he is looked after by social worker Eleanor. The young man dreams of becoming a professional wrestler and studying at the school of his idol – Salty Rednek. One night, Zach comes close to his goal, escaping from the shelter and hiding in a small fishing boat. So he meets the owner of the ship – the charismatic poacher Tyler. Tyler has his reasons to immediately leave these unfriendly lands, and he and Zach hit the road … The documentary “Daniel Day-Lewis” – on the First Channel on November 12 at 00.20. Tells about the actor, three-time Oscar winner.


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