1,164 businesses have closed in Paris since 2017

Due to the health crisis, but also to a succession of strikes and demonstrations, many businesses have had to shut down.

«There were the demonstrations of the ‘yellow vests’, the strikes, the attacks which had a lasting effect on our traders», Deplores Olivia Polski, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of trade, at the microphone of RTL. In Paris, 1,164 businesses have had to close their doors since 2017, in part due to a series of crises that affected their activity.

According to a report co-produced by the city of Paris, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the capital and the Parisian Urban Planning Workshop and unveiled by the national radio, the number of Parisian businesses has fallen to 61,541 in 2020 This phase of decline in the number of shops in the capital is quite notable, since their number had increased between 2011 and 2014, and was stable between 2014 and 2017.

Very difficult years for the trade

Interviewed by Le Figaro last September, Parisian traders rolled out the endless list of the problems they have had to face in recent years. The demonstrations, the long transport strike of 2019 against the pension reform, but also the “permanent works»And the installation of cycle paths in recent months has, according to them, been right in their turnover. “We have had 50% more losses since July with the cycle path. There are no more delivery places and we can no longer receive customers who come by car. It’s the big drop of water “, thus estimated a trader who definitively closed shop on September 26th.

Some sectors have suffered more than others. Clothing and shoe stores were particularly affected by the economic downturn, as 1097 of them closed their doors. “Today is very difficult for the clothing sector and additional measures are needed, because fashion is also a French flagship!», Argues Olivia Polski. Due to the digitization of services, banks are also disappearing: 120 have disappeared since 2017. The same applies to insurance agencies, with 97 closures.

The year 2021 is not shaping up to be the year of economic upturn at this stage. After several months under a curfew at 6 p.m., the capital was re-confined for four weeks. The curfew at 7 p.m. could however remain after the deconfinement, for the moment set for mid-May. A measure which is not without impact on the turnover of traders.

This growing disappearance of shops is also increasingly visible to Parisians: 8,764 premises are currently vacant in the capital. This is 911 more than in 2017.


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