12,953 people infected with coronavirus detected in Russia per day

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia per day increased by 12,953. The total number of infected reached 4,151,984, the operational headquarters for the fight against the new disease told reporters on Saturday. In relative terms, the increase in new cases, according to the headquarters, was 0.31%.

The number of Russians who recovered from the coronavirus increased by 17,484 per day, to 3,697,433. The proportion of those who recovered, according to the headquarters, increased to 89.1% of the total number of those infected.

The number of deaths due to coronavirus in Russia increased by 480 per day against 470 the day before. A total of 82,876 patients died from the infection. Conditional mortality (the final one can be determined only after the end of the epidemic) has grown to 2%, follows from the data of the headquarters.


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