23 departments placed at “significant risk of a thunderstorm”

After a lull this Monday morning, thunderstorms are expected to erupt in the east and center-east of France.

A new wave of thunderstorms will begin at the end of the day in the East and the Center, announces the weather channel *. After a calm in the morning in Auvergne, the storms will resume before reaching Burgundy then the Alps. Finally the night will be stormy from the Grand Est to the Jura and the Alps.

Twenty-three departments are placed in “significant risk of thunderstorm» : l’Ain, l‘Allier, the Cantal, the Côte-d’Or, the Doubs, l’Isère, the Jura, the Loire, the Haute-Loire, the Haute-Marne, the Meurthe-et-Moselle, the Meuse, the Moselle, the Puy de Dome, the Bas-Rhin, the Haut-Rhin, the Rhône, the Haute-Saone, the Saone-et-Loire, the Savoie, the Vosges and the Territory of Belfort. 40 to 60 mm of rain and gusts of winds of up to 60 to 80 km / h are to be feared in the most violent storms.

This stormy wave should move overnight towards the Alsace plain before reaching Germany. According to the Weather Channel, the stormy situation should improve in the coming days. This night, the heavy rains created a mudslide which invaded the streets of Sauvagnat-Sainte-Marthe (Puy-de-Dôme) and caused the partial closure of the A75 motorway.

* The Weather Channel belongs to the Figaro group.


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