3 villages under the weight of the stumble

The Municipality of Al Shuqaiq city in Jizan defended the stalled projects in the villages of Ajibi, Umm Al-Sabbakh, and Al-Damlej, stressing that there is a current project under study to drain torrents and rain. As for the Ajibi cemetery, all cemeteries are confined to the municipality and will be implemented within the upcoming projects.

The villages of Ajibi, Umm al-Sabbakh and Damluj suffer from the failure and absence of a number of municipal projects, including the project to build a bridge linking the village of Ajibi and the village of Masmour, as well as the project to light the road leading to the village of Ajibi, as well as the project of fencing the Ajibi and Damluj cemetery, and removing the accumulated sand on the sides of the cemetery, in addition to the project. To that the only mosque needs restoration or rebuilding.

constant suffering

The citizen, Yahya Ali Al-Shadeedi, highlighted the demands of the villages and their necessary needs, the most important of which is the construction of a bridge linking the village of Ajibi to the village of Al-Masmour. Residents are isolated from accessing services in Al Shuqaiq and the governorate, and if there are emergency cases such as going to the hospital, they have to take an adventure and cut the torrents or go to another dirt road crossed by other valleys. And the movement of cars on it became dangerous at night and fraught with dangers because of the complete darkness, and the spread of stray animals.

cemetery columns

Muhammad Ibrahim Matami added that the demands of the people of the village of Ajibi, Umm al-Sabbakh and Damluj are necessary and important for its people, including the project of fencing the cemetery of Ajibi and Damluj, as the cemetery columns were implemented earlier, and the cemetery was not fenced, but the project faltered, and we ask the municipality to help us in cleaning the cemetery and removing sand Accumulated on its sides and removed trees. Al-Matami indicated that the old mosque serves 3 villages and needs to be expanded or rebuilt to accommodate worshipers.

under studying

For its part, Al Shuqaiq Municipality confirmed that there is a current project under study within the municipality’s projects for the drainage of torrents and rain, and among its targets is the ferry linking the village of Al Masmour and the village of Ajibi. The municipality will be implemented within the upcoming projects.

needs to be demolished

The Undersecretary for Mosque Affairs, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Suleiman bin Fahd Al-Khamis, confirmed to Al-Watan that the old mosque needs to be demolished and reconstructed, and a request was submitted to the branch in this regard, but due to the lack of an item, the project was transferred to the administration of donors to search for a benefactor. He demolishes and builds the mosque.

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