31% of startups do not have black employees, says survey – 11/19/2021 – Market

Despite claiming to support diversity, a significant portion of Brazilian startups support a somewhat diverse team led by young men. This is what the data from a mapping made by Abstartups (Brazilian Startups Association) and released this Friday (19) say.

When questioned, 96.8% of the companies interviewed claim to support diversity. The majority (60.7%), however, do not have actions focused on the theme, and in 31.2% of them there is no black employee.

The numbers also show gender and age imbalances: 19.1% do not have female employees and 62.3% do not have people over 50 on the team. Disabled and transgender people are in 9.2% and 8% of startups, respectively.

The mapping heard 2,486 startups between August and September. The research confidence level is 99% and the margin of error is 3 percentage points.

Regarding race, 55.1% of the founders declared themselves brown and 4.5% black. When it comes to gender, age and sexual orientation, the numbers again show inequality: only 10% of startups have only women as founders, and 83.3% are under 45 years old. Heterosexuals represent 92.1% of founders.

Most also do not have initiatives related to ESG (environmental, social and governance) principles: 56.1%.

Startups are in weight in the Southeast, which concentrates 51.1% of projects. São Paulo, the most populous state in Brazil, has the highest rate: 32.5%.

The education segment is the most popular: 11.5% of startups fall into this sector. Health and well-being appears in second place, with 9.4%, and finances in third, with 8.5%.

The heated innovation market also appears in the numbers: 65.8% of startups did not shut down in the last year. Despite this, most of them never received an investment: 64.8%.

Of those that received, the angel investor was the most common. In this type of contribution, a contract is made for a fixed period of time in which, at the end, the investor can continue in the company or sell his participation. 41.4% received money in this format. Most of the sum of investments is in the range between R$ 50 thousand and R$ 250 thousand.

While 4.5% of companies earned more than R$ 5 million from January to October 2021, 27.1% had no sales at all.


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