4 months in prison for slapping Macron

BFM TV reported that a French court had sentenced the man who slapped French President Emmanuel Macron in the face to 18 months in prison, with 14 suspended, according to Reuters news agency.

Damien Tarrell, 28, admitted hitting Macron during the French president’s visit to the Drôme region in the southeast of the country, but he told investigators that his act was not premeditated.

The media reported that the man who slapped Macron at the time chanted: “Mongwa San-Dene.” It is a rallying chant from the former French monarchy, which royalists still use, and “down with the macaroni”.

This slap provoked the indignation of the entire French political class, while Macron sought to mitigate the severity of what he was subjected to, saying that it was “isolated actions of very violent people.”

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