92-year-old man beaten and robbed by drug addict

The assailant was arrested and remanded in custody. The nonagenarian was hospitalized.

A sordid affair that had not yet been revealed. A 92-year-old man was violently attacked by a drug addict a few weeks ago in the 19e district of Paris, near the camp of “cracky» of the square Forceval, learned Le Figaro from a well-informed source this Friday, September 23. Thrown to the ground and beaten, we are told, he was hospitalized and would be today “between life and death».

The facts date back to September 9. After visiting his son, who lives in the Square Forceval district, a nonagenarian is followed by a hooded individual. As the 92-year-old man prepares to return home, the suspicious individual forces his way through his building hall, grabs the old man and throws him violently to the ground. He hits him all over his body, and seizes his money and his papers.

But the assailant had not noticed the CCTV cameras in front of the building. When the victim’s son lodged a complaint on behalf of his father on September 12, investigators from the local reception and investigation service (SAIP) on September 19e borough take over the file, analyze the recorded videos, and draw a description of the individual, recognizable by his approach “feminine– who also deceived the nonagenarian, convinced that his attacker was a woman.

On September 13, 450 officers combed through the square during a large police operation followed by Le Figaro . The presumed aggressor is checked, and his identity noted. Three days later, during the checks, a foot patrol arrested him and placed him in custody. The camp regular wore a “crack pebble“, we are told. He was brought before a judge and placed in pre-trial detention, after admitting the attack on the nonagenarian. He was hospitalized and according to the Villette Village residents’ associationwould currently be “between life and death».

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