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This is what the Fredrikstad church joint council writes in a press release.

“A burlesque dancer, an atheist, a conservative preacher and a liberal priest. Together they seek answers to whether there is still something that can be called sin. Or if it is time to scrap the whole term”. This is how the church describes the theme evening to be held on 30 November in the church building.

The event is part of the church’s Fritime, which is a series of conversation evenings that was launched in autumn 2019. The topics that are discussed on these evenings are perceived by many as controversial or special, according to the church.

Burlesque and body pressure

Burlesque dancer Fifi von Tassel opens the event, which has been named “In the pool of sin”, with her internationally acclaimed show. There will be cake eating and undressing on a bathroom scale.

– And for those who now fear where the church’s morals will go: the degree of undress must be able to be called “family-friendly”, says Mia Gill Kristiansen, communications adviser in the church’s joint council.

Fifi von Tassel’s real name is Carina Elisabeth Carlsen. She is an adviser at the Equality Center, university lecturer, feminist and body positivist. In 2018, she won the Skamløs award for her work promoting body positivism.

– Fifi is tonight’s “case” because she is a rebel against “the old sin”; naked dance that can tempt you to “impure thoughts”, but also against what must be called “the new sin”: not being perfect, says Gill Kristiansen.

Fifi, or Carlsen, calls herself a fat activist. By dancing burlesque, she promotes bodies that do not harmonize with today’s dominant ideals of beauty.

– She wants to deal with a body ideal that only gives people low self-esteem, not least young people. And she does it with humor.

Shall discuss sin

The evening’s panel, which consists of Bjørn Stærk, author and Aftenposten writer, Frode Granerud, who preaches for the Norwegian Lutheran Missionary Association East, and Kristin Winlund, who is a regular panel priest.

They will discuss what lies in the word sin today, how sin is discussed in public and the more traditional, Christian interpretation of the concept of sin.

The event starts at 19:00. For more information and tickets, visit the church’s website.

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