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Last Saturday, residents of the Brazilian city of Teresina were shocked by a strange case of murder and suicide, where businessman Wagner Dias Freitas, 52, premeditated the murder of his ex-wife, Ana Valesca Araujo (47 years), for not accepting the termination of the relationship and divorce from him.

The crime took place in front of a supermarket and was witnessed by passersby.

According to the Brazilian “Oliberal” website, the information collected by the police shows that this was a tragedy known to all for the ex-wife about her ex-husband’s pursuit of her.

The accused had been stalking his ex-wife for months, to the point that she sought help from family members to control him.

A preventive action was issued to Valesca against Wagner and police reports registered with the police, which did not prevent him from trying to kill her.

Three restraining orders against Wagner were found in her bag following her murder.

The 52-year-old businessman did not accept the termination of the relationship and has been stalking his ex-wife for months.

In a video spread on social media, the cameras of the security departments from the nearby institutions recorded the moment Wagner arrived at the crime scene, shortly after 2 pm, when he parked his car next to his ex-wife’s car.

Two minutes later, Anna walked out of a supermarket with a younger man.

At that moment, he left the car with his pistol in hand and headed toward Anna, who tried to go back inside the supermarket to find a safe place.

But he caught her and shot her. Then he turned around and shot himself.

They both died instantly.

The former couple had two children, and they were very scared and angry over the murder.

Some of the co-workers who came to Anna’s house also said that she sought help from people who provide security services at the place where she works.

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