A concert for the future of Brazil – 03/01/2022 – Opinion

Former deputy José Genoino is one of the best political leaders of my generation, he has his place of honor in the struggle of the Brazilian people. I was fortunate to go through some tough tests at your side.

I respect the exceptional formulating ability that the former PT president has. I was enchanted a few years ago by the idea of ​​”radical democracy”. But I find it strange, today, with the criticism he makes of the possible alliance with former toucan Geraldo Alckmin.

The Lula-Alckmin binomial, more than the shallow so-and-so of a nominate, can be a unique opportunity for a profound political agreement that qualitatively changes the destiny of Brazil as a nation.

Either we really believe in it or we’re stuck, playing the usual retail game, with the usual risks, lost in time, deepening the usual inequality even further.

Our legal, institutional framework is strong. It has been proven. We have a Superior Electoral Court and a Federal Supreme Court that are respected in defending the Constitution. I don’t think we have a court of venal ministers.

The electoral calendar and rules for 2022 are in place. There’s no time to waste with a muddy rearview mirror. No hurts. Lula and Alckmin represent the most perfect archetype in this Brazilian opportunity to, using market terms, re-price Brazil in the future market, without the hauntings of the past.

The poor and the rich, the black and the white, the South and the North, the doctor and the patient, the erudite and the popular — in short, the diverse, who can treat each other with respect and intelligence, uniting many parts in this moment of complex transition. It is a unique opportunity, in an even year, in all four numbers: 2022.

Alckmin-Lula, Lula-Alckmin: more than a sterile exercise in the struggle for hegemony, it has everything to be the practice of a new look at Brazil in the 200 years of our independence.

The political proposal needs to put clearly on society’s table how things are and how the Executive Branch will act in the next four years; make a pact of security, political efficiency, dissuasive force and respect that Brazil demands.

But, for that, it is vital that Genoinos and Genuine ones truly believe that this alliance is no longer a deception. And commit yourself, honestly, to the possibility that presents itself.


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