A dead woman burned alive by her companion in Mérignac

A 31-year-old woman, mother of three children, died after being burned alive by her companion on Tuesday afternoon in Mérignac (Gironde), police sources and the prosecution reported Wednesday, May 5.

Around 6:10 p.m., in the middle of the street, the man, pursuing the young woman, shot her several times in the legs until she collapsed. He then sprayed her with a flammable liquid while she was still alive and set her on fire, according to the same source. The pavilion where the victim lived was partially burned down in unspecified circumstances.

Aged 44, according to the police, the perpetrator was arrested about half an hour later by police officers from the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade), in the neighboring town of Pessac. He “carried a 12 gauge rifle, gas pistol and cartridge belt“, According to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office. The prosecution has opened an investigation into the count of intentional homicide by spouse and destruction by fire. It was entrusted to the departmental direction of Public Security, according to a statement.

«The respondent was unfavorably known to the police and the judiciary“, Added the public prosecutor Frédérique Porterie. “Separated from the victim, he was notably sentenced on June 25, 2000 by the Bordeaux Criminal Court to 18 months in prison, including nine months with a probationary suspension of two years.».

According to the mayor of Mérignac, Alain Anziani, this tragedy, which took place in a rather bourgeois and residential district, aroused “a lot of emotions»In this town in the suburbs near Bordeaux. A psychological unit has been set up to welcome people who witnessed the scene. The victim’s three children, aged three, seven and 11, who usually lived with her, “were not at home at the time of the events according to the information in our possession“, Indicated the prosecution, specifying that they have”is the subject of psychological care by the Samu».

In 2020, 90 feminicides were officially recorded in France, against 146 the previous year.

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