A digital platform to simplify administrative procedures for companies.

A new digital platform intended for “continuously simplify»The administrative procedures of companies, was launched Tuesday.

It must make it possible to “remove obstacles to innovation and strengthen the resources of the administration to provide project leaders with secure and rapid responses», Declared the Minister of Transformation and the Public Service Amélie de Montchalin, presenting the device online to the press alongside Alain Griset, Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Overcome the difficulties until June 30

Baptized “public service + companies“And hosted by servicepublic.fr, this platform should allow business leaders to report their”blockages“And”difficulties“In order to help them on a daily basis without waiting for the end of procedures sometimes”too long, too heavy or too complex“. Concretely, by June 30, all companies facing difficulties are invited to report them to the administration via the platform.

Among the recurring blockages, the Minister cited “lack of knowledge of the regulatory system that prevents getting started“, the “forms», «procedures” or “deadlines“, Often taken”like a fate“. Among the upcoming simplifications for “help those who innovate” and especially “les start-up“, The Minister quoted the”dematerialization of certification“, The delegation of power with a”unique identification, a single password for all procedures».

Some companies have also already been able, she said, to benefit from “derogations” sure “data use and sharing” especially. Mr. Griset cited the case of a company “for the treatment of masks»Used, used against Covid-19.


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