A doctor reveals the reason for reduced hearing in patients with “Covid-19”

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Dr. Natalia Pechenechnaya, an epidemiologist in Russia, announced that hearing loss is observed in 18-23% of patients as a result of ear congestion, and this disease is treatable.

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And she says, “Congestion in the ear that leads to reduced hearing when infected with “Covid-19″ suffers from 18-23% of patients. This condition is treatable.”

The specialist notes that these symptoms can be observed in 1.5-2% of those recovering from “Covid-19” within a few weeks after their recovery.

According to her, in rare cases, a sharp decrease in hearing is observed after infection with “Covid-19”, and the cause has not been determined so far, but it is believed that it is a viral infection, including “Covid-19”.

She says, “It is believed that the lack of oxygen in the hearing center in acute form of “Covid-19″, as well as taking some medications, may contribute to the development of this condition. This condition may not be observed if the patient remains in the intensive care unit for a long time.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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