a drug drive-in near a dismantled Roman cemetery

The Italian police have dismantled a group of drug traffickers who offered cocaine in a kind of drive-in service at the exit of the main cemetery of Rome with the complicity of three crooked police officers.

«Customers, most often by car and without even getting out, approached people posing as flower sellers, paid and received the requested amount of drugs.Italian media said Wednesday, citing a police statement. As part of this operation called “Cleopatra22 people were investigated, and 11 of them were remanded in custody, while six others were placed under house arrest. Police did not say whether corrupt policemen were among those arrested in the raid on Tuesday. The suspects were charged with various crimes, including criminal conspiracy for drug trafficking, illegal possession of firearms, aggravated theft or corruption.

The three policemen transmitted to them “secret information“Allowing the group to continue its activities and avoid”investigations and interventions by law enforcement“, According to the same source. The traffickers, mostly Egyptians who met in a cafe called “Cleopatra“Used to hide drugs in flowerpots, in flower beds or in bushes near their stand next to the Flaminio cemetery, police said. At night, they moved their activities to a nearby train station, and also sold drugs from a butcher’s shop.

According to investigators, the group earned up to 20,000 euros per day thanks to this traffic. The Flaminio cemetery, which stretches over 140 hectares north of Rome, is the largest in Italy.


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