A Fazenda 14: Kerline is the 11th person eliminated from reality – 11/25/2022 – A Fazenda 14

Sao Paulo

Kerline was the 11th woman eliminated in the farm this season of the reality show A Fazenda 14 (Record) with 23.18% of the votes, confirming the F5 poll. She disputed the permanence in the reality with Bárbara Borges and Moranguinho, on the night of this Thursday (24).

Bárbara was the person who received the most votes to remain in reality with 39.45%. Strawberry Shortcake had 37.37% of the public’s preference. In Record TV’s reality, the public votes on who they want to remain in the game and the least voted leaves the competition.

Kerline said she had no idea how difficult the game was, praised the structure and dynamics of reality and left her fans to Bárbara. “It’s a lot of pressure [o reality], did not expect it to be so. I thought I went too far in the game,” said

Bárbara was the first player to receive a new chance from the public to get back into the game. Galisteu said that the order in which the saved pawns were announced was unrelated to the vote. Upon hearing that she had been saved by the public, the actress thanked the public. “Thank you public for everything, for making your precious time available to [votar] for me to be here”, she said on the way to the farm’s headquarters, where she was received with hugs from her allies Iran Malfitano, Pelé and André Marinho.

Strawberry Shortcake was the second pawn saved by the public. She returned to the farmhouse thanking the public: “Thank you, Brazil. Thank you, beautiful people”, she said on the way to the headquarters. She entered the house again singing her husband Naldo Benny’s hit “Amor de Chocolate” and was greeted with screams by her allies Bia, Pétala and Deolane.

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