A Gazeta Esportiva: newspaper that reported the world title of Palmeiras is reprinted in full

PALM TREES CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! This is the headline of the newspaper The Sports Gazette dated July 23, 1951. The historical edition of one of the main press vehicles in the country at the time went to newsstands with the details of the greatest achievement from the history of Palmeiras, held the day before: the title of the interclub world championship. And now, the newspaper reaches the Palestinian fans again.

In honor of the 70th anniversary of winning the 1951 World Cup, commemorated today, Palmeiras launches in its entirety the reprint of the newspaper that narrated the stories that involved the great feat that made not only the people of Palmeira proud, but the Brazilians.

The edition is a true relic and will allow those who were born after the conquest to know reports, photos and curiosities about the game and the celebration on the streets of São Paulo and the country. The newspaper can already be found by fans as of this Thursday (22) at the physical units of the Palmeiras Store, as well as at PalmeirasStore.com, for R$ 19.90. When buying on the site, Avanti supporter partner gets free shipping. The stock, however, is limited. The special printed edition will also be available on the Agência de Notícias website. Gazeta Press (www.gazetapress.com).

The Sports Gazette at the time, he highlighted the importance of the Palmeirense feat by winning the International Champion Clubs Tournament. The title, the first interclub world title so far, brought back joy to Brazil after a tough defeat in the 1950 World Cup final, in the same Maracanã, to Uruguay.

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