A journalist from “Quotidien” had met the attacker before the slap in the face of President Macron

Journalist Paul Larrouturou had questioned three men, including the “slap”, a few hours before the attack.

While the images of the slap to Emmanuel Macron go around the world on television screens and social networks, Yann Barthès revealed in “Quotidien” that the journalist Paul Larrouturou had interviewed a group of men including the attacker presumed from the President of the Republic. In a subject aired on the evening of the attack, the talk show revealed behind the scenes of this incident which raised a wave of indignation in the political class.


Reporting in the Drôme around the presidential trip, the “Quotidien” team collected testimonies from passers-by behind the barriers of Tain-L’Hermitage, while waiting for Emmanuel Macron to leave the vocational school he was visiting. Paul Larrouturou was then interested in three men who were waiting, a little apart, arms crossed on their dark T-shirts. Without knowing it, the journalist then hands the microphone to the group of attackers of the Head of State.

“What are the three of you doing here?”, he asks. The first man, masked, answers behind his dark glasses: “Nothing… We’re coming to see our dear Mr. Macron. Tell him … I don’t know if we can talk to him, but … There are things we would like to say to him but unfortunately we cannot say … The decline of France. “

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Invited to continue the dialogue in front of the cameras of “Quotidien”, the individual admits that he is “enough” politically engaged “In a party that is dead”, “Rather anarchy”, he specifies. Ironic, the man displays the will not to say too much: “We have a dear president who says that we have no culture”. Paul Larrouturou then hands the microphone to the other two men. The answer of one of them is unambiguous: “We know that you tend to divert comments that can be given in this media … I will not make more comments”. The individual in the green t-shirt said nothing. The one who will then hold the president’s arm with his left hand, sending the right to the face of Emmanuel Macron, remains silent. The cameras of “Quotiden” will follow him a few moments later when he approaches the security barriers to wait for the head of state.

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A video shot with a smartphone and broadcast by BFMTV and published on the networks shows a bearded individual with long hair and a khaki t-shirt hitting the President of the Republic, while a voice is heard screaming “Montjoie Saint Denis!”, as a “Down with macronie”. Immediately after the incident, two of the three men were apprehended by police. The two suspects, Damien T. and Arthur C., are from the town of Saint-Vallier. “The two men arrested are two Drômois aged 28, unknown to the courts”, said Alex Perrin, public prosecutor in Valence.

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