a legendary match and eternal regrets for the Blues, eliminated in the round of 16

In a timeless match, the Blues, dismissed by Switzerland (3-3 ap, 5-4 tab), said goodbye to the Euro on Monday.

Special envoy to Bucharest

There are evenings that you remember with delight or sadness, even a few years later. This Monday, June 28, 2021 is to be entered in this category. Sadly in the legend for this French team, eliminated on penalties (3-3, 5-4 tab) by Switzerland after a night that will leave traces forever for this generation thirsty for victories … but unable to rule out the 13th nation in the world. Heads down and in tears, the world champions left Euro and Bucharest through the smallest of doors, for what will remain one of the biggest fiascos in the history of the selection. The time for accounts and assessments will come very quickly but Didier Deschamps’ men have not lived up to expectations, let alone their status.

The tactical bankruptcy of Deschamps, the unrecognizable Blues

An absolute fan of permanent adaptation, the coach was first lost with his initial tactical choice and a five-element defense on Monday night. Adapting is good. There is nothing infamous about assuming your status and setting the tempo. Especially in view of the talents aligned on the field on the French side. He will never have done it during this Euro. During the first act, the whole edifice of “DD” kept rocking, giving the permanent impression of being lost, even on the verge of breaking up. The world champions were hard to see. Really. Unsurprisingly, the sentence fell with a Clement Lenglet devoured by Haris Seferovic (0-1, 15e). For the Blues unrecognizable compared to the courageous and conquering collective glimpsed thirteen days earlier against Germany.

A timeless match

In football as in life, it is possible to make a mistake, and to correct it is often requested in return. Deschamps knows it better than anyone, already led with the France team at half-time in the round of 16 at Euro 2016 against Eire and in 2018 against Argentina. For XXL twists and turns. Faced with the emergency, he changed his plans (defense return to 4, entry from Coman). The stage was set for a second period of madness. No, legendary. The buffet stop was first very close after a penalty whistled in favor of the Swiss and stopped by Hugo Lloris (55e), his first stop since 2012 in selection in this exercise.

The result was gigantic with an equalizing goal from Karim Benzema with a nice dive (1-1, 57e), then the double in stride (2-1, 59e). Before a jewel signed by the goldsmith Paul Pogba under the Swiss skylight (3-1, 75e). In a normal match, the case would have been folded. Not Monday.

The feat of the Nati

Valiant and courageous, the Nati survived thanks to Seferovic (3-2, 81e) then glued to the score by Gavranovic (3-3, 90e). In an incandescent atmosphere, Coman smashed the crossbar (90 + 3). Breathable to the end. Identical situation in extra time after three huge opportunities for the Blues by Pavard (95e), Mbappé (110e) or Giroud (119e). It was written that this titanic fight does not end on penalties. Like a symbol, Kylian Mbappé failed his attempt, causing the explosion of joy of the Helvetians, forever hero of a timeless evening in the Romanian capital. For the Blues, dreams of a double are to be forgotten. For ever.

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