a major heroin trafficking dismantled by the police

INFO THE FIGARO – More than 13 kilos of drugs but also 31,000 euros in cash and 11 vehicles were notably seized.

«It’s a great deal, the result is impressive»Satisfied Patrick Longuet, central commissioner of Le Havre. After several months of investigation, the police managed to get their hands on more than 13 kilos of heroin, 31,000 euros in cash, 11 vehicles but also chemicals used to transform the goods.

Five individuals were arrested on Sunday, June 20. They were indicted and imprisoned. Two others were arrested this Monday, June 28 in the morning. “We are looking for more, the investigation is not yet over», Explains to Figaro Patrick Longuet. The individuals arrested come from the Caucriauville district, one of the sensitive areas of Le Havre. The network was particularly well structured: the traffickers would get their supplies in the Netherlands and then transform the product – in a “laboratory»Located in the lower part of Le Havre in the heart of the Republican reconquest district (QRR) -, before reselling the goods in the west of France.

Act on the “top of the spectrum”

The case was initiated about 7 months ago by investigators from the Le Havre urban security narcotics brigade, who carried out extensive fieldwork. A judicial investigation was then opened in April, which gave rise to cooperation between this brigade and the judicial police (PJ).

This cooperation between the services was also manifested during the arrests of June 20: 70 police officers (narcotics brigade, judicial police and Rouen research and intervention brigade) were deployed to “taper»Several places in the traffickers’ laboratory. “In this kind of case, we are acting on the high end of the spectrum. The fight against drug trafficking goes from deal points to network heads», Summarizes Patrick Longuet.

A government priority

«The government has prioritized drug trafficking in the streets or in the halls of buildings, which is a factor of delinquency and insecurity for our fellow citizens. There is a strong mobilization of State services», Adds Vanina Nicoli, sub-prefect of Le Havre.

Concretely, in Le Havre, the Ministry of the Interior has assigned additional reinforcements to work on this type of trafficking: 12 police officers arrived in May (a brigade dedicated to the Republican reconquest district where the traffic was dismantled was notably created) and 16 additional agents will arrive in August. Regarding neighborhoods classified as a republican reconquest zone (QRR), Vanina Nicoli emphasizes the mobilization of several actors (State, social landlords, local communities) to provide a social response in addition to the police response.


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