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A commemorative badge “Novosibirsk – the city of labor valor” was established in the Novosibirsk region. This honorary title was awarded to the capital of Siberia in the year of the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

In accordance with the regulations on the award, a commemorative sign is awarded to persons who worked in the rear from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 for at least six months, excluding the period of work in the temporarily occupied territories of the USSR, as well as persons awarded orders or medals USSR for selfless work during the Great Patriotic War. The first presentation of commemorative badges is scheduled for July this year.

Recall: the title “City of Labor Valor” is awarded to cities whose residents made a significant contribution to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War by ensuring uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at industrial enterprises located in the city, and at the same time showing massive labor heroism and dedication. In Novosibirsk, on Kalinin Square, a stele with the city’s coat of arms and the text of the decree will be installed, events and festive fireworks will be held on May 1, May 9 and on City Day.

During the Great Patriotic War, Novosibirsk became one of the largest centers of the country’s defense industry. In the first months of the war, equipment and personnel from 32 factories, four research institutes of the defense industry, eight large construction and assembly trusts, as well as design institutes were evacuated here. In total, more than 300 thousand workers, engineers and members of their families arrived in the Novosibirsk region.

During the war years, industrial production indicators in Novosibirsk increased 5.3 times. During the war years, Novosibirsk enterprises provided the front with almost a third of the all-Union arsenal of ammunition: artillery shells, mines, torpedoes, cartridges, explosives. Airplanes, searchlights, radio stations were produced here.

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Thirteen Heroes of Socialist Labor, one Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation, four full holders of the Order of Labor Glory live in the Novosibirsk region today.


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