a mosque and two Turkish centers tagged with Lorraine crosses

A mosque and two Turkish associations in Doubs were tagged with crosses of Lorraine, a symbol traditionally attributed to Gaullism and the Resistance, we learned this Sunday from the prosecution and Muslim officials who denounced a “provocation». «An investigation will be carried out“, Said the prosecution of Besançon.

In Pontarlier, the crosses were affixed on the walls of the Philippe-Grenier mosque and on those of the Association of Turks of Pontarlier, told AFP Abdallah Zekri, president of the National Observatory for the fight against Islamophobia. . On the mosque, the police thus counted “six crosses“, Traced with a spray of red paint, according to the parquet floor. Similar crosses were also found on the building of the Franco-Turkish Friendship Association in Montlebon, near Morteau, about thirty kilometers north of Pontarlier, according to Abdallah Zekri and the prosecution.

The tags on the mosque were noted this Sunday morning by the faithful who were going to pray, told AFP its president Boubaker Lamamra, who believes that the inscriptions have clearly been made “in the night»From Saturday to Sunday. Boubaker Lamamra was to file a complaint this late Sunday afternoon, he said. The Philippe-Grenier mosque had already been damaged in the past but “it is the first time that I see crosses of Lorraine», Explained Boubaker Lamamra, saying to himself«surprised” speak “operating mode»And the multiplicity of targets in the same sector, Haut-Doubs.

The use of the Lorraine cross, symbol of the Resistance, could mean “we resist Islam“, He estimated, seeing in these tags an act”islamophobic». «We strongly condemn this provocation», Declared Abdallah Zekri. “We are very surprised that it is a cross of Lorraine (…) but (…) we are in full straight line towards the presidential election and the hate speeches currently (…) only reinforce the actsAnti-Muslim, he added. Abdallah Zekri again denounced a “unhealthy climate“Around Islam and dreaded a”bidding“Which would last, according to him,”until the presidential election».


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