A new “Atlantic pact” between Washington and London

US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during their meeting in Cornwall, southwest Britain yesterday, signed a new version of the “Atlantic Charter” between the two countries, similar to the charter signed by former US President Franklin Roosevelt with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941 following the victory in World War II.

The new charter addresses eight common points and principles on issues of anti-epidemic cooperation, trade and technology, and a common commitment to NATO defense and security issues.

Biden and Johnson’s meeting came on the eve of their participation in the “Group of Seven” meetings in Cornwall today, where the US President is supposed to invite major economies to participate in efforts to combat “Covid 19”, and he preempted the meetings by announcing his country’s donation of half a billion doses of vaccine to poor countries.

US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stated that the “Group of Seven” will announce an initiative to finance infrastructure, digital and health in the developing world as a kind of response to the Chinese initiative. He pointed out that the US-European summit, which will be held in Brussels at a later time, will focus on harmonizing the trade and technology approach of democratic countries in the face of other authoritarian regimes, and that the talks will be the beginning of the US administration’s efforts to develop a coordinated approach towards China.

Yesterday, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a plan and directives to start implementing the recommendations to confront China, a day after the Senate passed the American Innovation and Competition Bill, which aims to confront Chinese challenges and Chinese supremacy.

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