a new head of government will be appointed but the exceptional measures will remain in place

Tunisian President Kais Saied announced Monday, September 20 that he would appoint a new head of government while keeping in place the exceptional measures he had decreed on July 25 to assume full powers.

«These exceptional measures will continue and a head of government will be appointed but on the basis of transitional provisions responding to the will of the people.“Said Kais Saied during a speech broadcast by national television from Sidi Bouzid, cradle of the Tunisian revolt of 2011. Kais Saied, whose speech at the headquarters of the governorate of Sidi Bouzid was repeatedly interrupted by a crowd chanting “the people want Parliament to be dissolved“, Further announced that he was going to pass”a new electoral law»Without revealing its outlines.

On July 25, Kais Saied sacked the Prime Minister, suspended the activities of Parliament and also arrogated the judiciary, for a renewable month before extending these measures on August 24, “until further notice“. He then referred to an upcoming reform of the 2014 Constitution which established a hybrid system, neither presidential nor parliamentary, a source of recurring conflicts between the two powers.

«Imminent peril»

Legal theorist, Kais Saied has been presenting himself since his surprise election by a large majority at the end of 2019 as the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution. It relied on its article 80 which envisages exceptional measures in the event of “imminent perilTo national security, to justify the decisions taken on July 25. Many Tunisians welcomed them with enthusiasm because, exasperated by their political class, they expect strong acts against corruption and impunity in a country in serious social and economic difficulties.

But opponents, political parties, magistrates and lawyers have said they fear a “authoritarian drift“. The Islamist-inspired Ennahdha party, Kais Saied’s main rival and which had the most seats in the frozen parliament, expressed “his categorical rejection” from “any suspension of the application of the Constitution” Where “political system change“. He violently attacked again on Monday the Tunisian politicians and deputies whom he accuses of corruption. “Parliament has turned into a marketplace where voices are sold and bought“, He launched. “Do you need a government that will meet your needs or thieves who will plunder countries?».

Representatives of civil society in Tunisia denounced a decline “loud and clear»Freedoms since Kais Saied arrogated to himself full powers. “The provisions provided for by the Constitution in matters of rights and freedoms remain in force. I made sure that no infringement will be made on freedomsSaied retorted on Monday.


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