A new school will appear in the village of Algasovo, Morshansky district

A new school will appear in the village of Algasovo, Morshansk District. The instruction to start the construction of the educational institution was given by the acting head of the Tambov region administration Maxim Yegorov during a working visit to the region today, November 9.

The head of the region looked at the design and estimate documentation, listened to the reports of the responsible persons. He clarified that in 2022 the foundation of the new building will be laid at its own expense. And federal funding for the construction of the school will begin in 2023.

Currently, children study in four different buildings, which are more than half a century old. The new single building for 350 seats will also accommodate a canteen, a sports hall, and a garage for parking school buses is also planned. More than 417 million rubles are planned to be invested in the construction.

Maxim Egorov advised to finalize the design of the new school, taking into account the history of Algasov’s development.


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