A new wave hits Tunisia and Brazil

Tunisia and Brazil are suffering from high Corona injuries and overcrowded hospitals, so the number of deaths in Brazil has exceeded 500,000 people.

This number represents the highest rate in the world after the United States, as the virus continues to spread with the refusal of Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, to support measures to prevent the virus such as social distancing.

Tunisia is witnessing a significant increase in the number of injuries, as the rate of emergence of cases exceeded 400 injuries per 100,000 residents during the last 14 days.

critical situation

The Vicruz Institute, affiliated with the Brazilian Ministry of Health, says the situation is “critical”. Only 15 percent of adults have been fully vaccinated, and the Brazilian Congress is investigating the government’s handling of the epidemic.

President Bolsonaro has come under fire for not implementing a coordinated national response strategy in the fight against the pandemic and for questioning vaccines, closures and the need to wear masks, which he has sought to ease.

death protest

Demonstrators from the “Rio de Paz” human rights group placed dozens of roses on Copacabana beach in memory of half a million Corona victims in Brazil.

“It is an act of solidarity with the families of the victims and to protest the way the federal government has handled this crisis,” said Antonio Carlos Costa, president of Rio de Paz. The numbers (deaths) are very humiliating for our democracy.”

Tunisia and the British Transformer

The Tunisian Ministry of Health confirmed that the exacerbation of the seriousness of the epidemiological situation in Kairouan was caused by the British mutated strain.

She suggested the possibility of a dangerous strain of another type, noting that the process of genetic cutting is underway to identify the mutated strains found in the Wilayat of Kairouan.

The Tunisian Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashishi, had previously announced a comprehensive quarantine, and the closure of the states that are witnessing a large spread of the virus.

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