A Pakistani delegation plane returns before landing in Afghanistan due to explosives

A senior Afghan military official said that a plane carrying the speaker of the Pakistani parliament and a delegation of representatives was returned, today, Thursday, after it was about to land in Kabul, after explosives were found, apparently dating back many years, near the airport building.

According to General Riaz Aryan, commander of Kabul International Airport, the decision to return the Lion Caesar plane, Speaker of the Pakistani National Assembly (Parliament), and the accompanying Pakistani parliamentary delegation, came after the discovery of explosives placed under a nearby building.

Later, Ariane said that the explosives were discovered by NATO forces, which were said to have been placed near the runway during construction work years ago. It was not clear which party the explosives belonged to.

The Afghan general added that Kabul airport was closed for several hours today after the announcement, which led to the delay of all flights to and from the Afghan capital.

There was no official comment from NATO yet.

According to a statement issued by Abdul Qadir Zazai, Secretary of the House of Representatives in the Afghan Parliament, the planned three-day visit was only postponed and will take place at some time in the near future.

The visit came at the invitation of the Speaker of the Afghan Parliament, Mir Rahman Rahmani. Zazai said Rahmani spoke by phone to his Pakistani counterpart, and they agreed to reschedule the visit.

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