a pension reform before the presidential election would be “madness”

The secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, estimated Monday that it would be a “wrap“To initiate a pension reform before the presidential election of 2022, refusing, however, to”overreact»While the executive has not yet presented its project.

“The time is for recovery”

«This is not the moment (…). We have continued to say what we have been saying for months, there is no room for a peaceful debate around the question of pensions before the presidential election. Whatever option is chosen, it would appear totally flammable», Declared Laurent Berger in an interview with AFP. “The time has come for resuming, for repairing the ordeal we have gone through, from which not everyone comes out unscathed (…). There will be people who will stay by the side of the road; fatigue, weariness, sometimes anger. So don’t add fuel to the fire», Continued the trade unionist.

Asked about the possible abandonment of the point-based pension system that the CFDT called for, Laurent Berger delayed, claiming to have “sources who say that there is nothing arbitrary». «Now everyone will take their share of the responsibility. A purely parametric approach is an approach that would not suit us at all, everyone knows that», Said the boss of the reformist union.

The reform still at a standstill

Originally conceived as one of the great reforms of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency, the overhaul of the pension system was interrupted in early 2020 by the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis, after having provoked major social movements . Last week, the President of the Republic relaunched the subject, judging that the reform could not be resumed “as is“But warning that he would not hesitate to make decisions”difficultBy the presidential election of spring 2022.


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