“A philosopher in the scaffolding”

CHRONICLE – Francis Wolff talks to André Comte-Sponville and explains his philosophy, which is too little known. This book is an important meeting in the autumn, if we want to think about what we must save from Europe and the very old ideas that define it.

«To philosophize is to question the world with the rigor of an adult and the spirit of the child ”, Francis Wolff tells us in an interview book with André Comte-Sponville. The latter, with his well-established notoriety, has turned into an interviewer of the one he considers to be the author of an important work. This friendly pedagogical exercise sheds light on the journey of an unclassifiable, mixture of an obsolete professor of the history of philosophy and a daring inventor of concepts.. For a long time he was head of the philosophy department of the École normale supérieure, and assumes a return to the fundamentals of metaphysics which is not at all period. One could be ironic about this barely dusted humanism, smelling good re-reading of the classics, and sticking to the universals of a daddy’s philosophy. Yet it is quite the opposite, and the chapter “Daring metaphysics” is jubilant and, on top of that, convincing.

Wolfian ontology is Aristotle reviewed by Ponge: a description

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