A rare whale was thrown by the sea on Sakhalin

On Sakhalin, near the village of Gornozavodsk, the sea washed up a dead whale. Experts believe that this is a rare black floater.

The head of the Sakhalin Environmental Watch, Dmitry Lisitsyn, shared photos and videos.

“We sent photos and videos to leading Russian experts, Vladimir Burkanov and Olga Filatova. They identified the species of whale as “northern drip” – but noted that it could be another species, discovered more recently and much more rare – the small, or black drip. Chances of this are the size of the animal – it does not exceed 8.5 m in length, while the body length of the northern drifter is 10.7-12.8 m – and therefore the whale may well be the rarest small floater, “Lisitsyn reports.

A rare whale was thrown by the sea on Sakhalin

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The exact answer will be given only after an examination in Moscow: now Lisitsyn is looking for a person who can bring a sample of whale skin to the capital. At the same time, even if it is not a small, but a northern drifter is also an interesting find, because these whales are also quite rare.

MK on Sakhalin also published a video with adorable sea lions. They thanked the fishermen for breakfast.


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