“A region won by the RN would be an event, more would be an earthquake”

INTERVIEW – For the director of the Center for Studies and Knowledge on Public Opinion, the second round of regional elections will determine whether RN remains a repulsive force or whether it becomes an attractive force.

Jérôme Jaffré is director of Cecop (Center for studies and knowledge on public opinion) and associate researcher at Cevipof.

LE FIGARO.- In Hauts-de-France, Xavier Bertrand is one step ahead of the RN candidate. Would a victory make him the right-wing presidential candidate?

Jérôme JAFFRE. – He is the favorite in the ballot and should succeed in getting re-elected. If he does come out on top in the first round, he will not need any alliance. He is not sure, however, that this is enough for him to win the presidential election insofar as Valérie Pécresse or Laurent Wauquiez have a good chance of being brilliantly re-elected. A nomination process would remain necessary to choose the right candidate.

The Republic on the move seems to be in great difficulty in this region. What can she hope for?

If it exceeds the 10% mark – which is not acquired according to Ifop – it will be able to maintain itself in the second round and save the honor by thus ensuring

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