A Russian satellite takes a photo of the venue of the Russia-US summit


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The Russian satellite “Resource-B” captured a photo of the “La-Grange” villa in Geneva, where the summit of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will be held Wednesday, June 16.

This was announced Tuesday, June 15, the official website of the Russian space agency “Roskosmos”.

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The effect of the picturesque nature in the villa

The villa overlooking Lake Geneva, which was built in the 18th century, is located in the middle of a park on the outskirts of Geneva, covering an area of ​​21 hectares.

The Russian satellite “Resource-B” for remote sensing of the Earth picked up the villa on the eve of the Russian-American summit.

The satellite, according to “Ross Cosmos”, is dedicated to the detailed monitoring of the surface of our planet and to transmit information wirelessly to the Earth’s centers.

It is worth noting that the information received by the Russian satellite can be used to develop international cooperation in the field of environmental protection and to carry out other tasks for sensing the Earth from afar.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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