A student discovers a suspicious hole – Saudi Arabia’s Al-Watan newspaper

12-year-old Rory Chapman noticed a strange site in Wirral, northwest England, on “Google Maps” and was surprised by what he discovered while surfing the Internet, where he found a hole that reaches the middle of the globe.

According to The Mirror, Rory was planning a hiking trip with his family on Merseyside Hyper Island when he discovered the name of an interesting place. When he checked the site for a satellite view, the young man did not expect to discover something like this. Rory said that he and his mother looked at Hyper Island on the map while they were studying geography during the period of quarantine and complete closure, so he knows exactly where it is. And when he saw the hole, he thought that they had dug it, recently, or that they had carried out excavations on one of the Hyper Islands.

Shocked, he asked his 36-year-old father, who was also impressed by the existence of the hole.

When people asked on Facebook what the crater was, no one showed any knowledge of the crater or why it was there, and strangely enough, it has since been removed from Google Maps without knowing more about it.

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