A suspect imprisoned after a paintball shot at a police officer in Saint-Brieuc

A 25-year-old man was placed in pre-trial detention on Friday August 5 before his trial in September for injuring a police officer in the eye with a paintball ball in July, we learned from the Saint- Brieuc.

Already condemned for facts “violence, outrages and rebellion“, the alleged perpetrator is”handed himself over to the police on August 3after being confused by thetechnical investigations and testimonies collected from his relatives“but he does not”does not acknowledge his involvement“, according to the public prosecutor Nicolas Heitz. “As part of an appearance at short notice, he is summoned on September 23, 2022to be judged, could we read in this press release from Nicolas Heitz. He will answer “the offense of violence against a person holding public authority and with the use or threat of a weapon“, causing him to incur a 10-year prison sentence.

The paintball shooting took place during a roadside check in Saint-Brieuc on the evening of July 22. The two police crews were about to hit the road again after midnight when a policeman was struck by a paintball in the face, injuring his left eye. A medical examiner had then estimated his total interruption of work at 10 days. The investigation entrusted to the Saint-Brieuc police station gave rise to searches in the four apartments likely to have housed the shooter, one of which was “rented by a person whose companion had practiced paintball“, specified Nicolas Heitz. Actively sought, he finally surrendered to the police. Placed in police custody, he was brought on Friday and imprisoned.

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