A tour of development and health projects in the plowing

Governor of Al-Harath, Ibrahim Al-Alami, affirmed the great interest the governorate enjoys from the governors in various economic, social and developmental fields, following the directives of His Highness the region’s governor and His Highness, noting the security and safety the governorate enjoys under the wise leadership.

This came during Al-Alami’s tour of some development projects in the governorate, where the tour included the Al-Mawshara village bridge project, which was completed in the past weeks, and the Abu Al-Noura village bridge project, located on Wadi Khlab, which is being implemented now.

The tour also included the primary care center in the villages of Al-Raha, where Al-Lami toured all departments of the center, and listened to a detailed explanation of the services provided to the families from the director of the center, Jaber Oraibi, and the governor of Al-Harath directed the importance of having a doctor of obstetrics and gynecology for the center and the radiology department, and finding medical and technical staff.

Al-Alamai was accompanied on the tour by the mayor of Al-Harath, Fahd Suwaidi, the director of development affairs in the governorate, Abdo Majrashi, and the secretary of the local council, Khaled Madkhali.

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