a trial after the death of an old lady suffocated by madeleines

The resident of an EHPAD was discovered lifeless in her room in May 2019. The suspect is the purchaser of a life annuity from the victim.

A 62-year-old man will be tried at the Indre-et-Loire assizes after the death of a nonagenarian suffocated … by madeleines. The examining magistrate in charge of the investigation has just concluded that there was an assassination, relates France Blue . Important element in this case: the suspect had contracted a life annuity with the old lady.

The case began on May 13, 2019 in an EHPAD in Tours: a resident over 90 years old is found dead after eating madeleines. That day, the accused man had visited him and allegedly locked himself in his room, before the orderlies intervened. “This person couldn’t swallow this type of cake on his own. This man caused the death of this person for purely economic ends, that is to say he wanted to seize his property to carry out his own real estate project “, indicates to France Blue the public prosecutor of Tours, Grégoire Dulin.

The suspect claims his innocence

For his part, the suspect – a former Paris firefighter about to retire – claims his innocence. For his lawyer, Me Adel Benjador, all the investigations have not been carried out. “Why not take an interest in the swallowing problems that older people may encounter? And then there are other elements that could explain this unfortunate death, starting with a stupid accident ”, he believes.

Incarcerated for nearly two years, the 62-year-old man faces life imprisonment. The trial could be held in late 2021 or early 2022.

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