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For 86 years Voz do Brasil enters the homes of Brazilians. The program has already had several names and followed the mandate of 23 presidents, the Second World War, the descent of man to the moon, several World Cups and the death of important names on the national scene.

The oldest employee of Empresa Brasil de Comunicação (EBC) on the A Voz do Brasil team, Erivaldo Santos, known as Leleco, recalls that, in these 20 years, the program has undergone many technological changes in formats and content. “I followed the change from analogue to digital transmission and this also happened in Voz: we left the operation with cartridges for the touch screen”, he reveals. He recalls the change in format: before, the program had only Executive and Legislative news. Today it includes the Judiciary as well. But the main transformation, for sure, was in the way of breaking the news. “It stopped being official and bureaucratic and became more contextualized, closer to informal language, as is the purpose of radio”, he says. He also highlighted the effort to publicize policies and actions with an impact on citizens’ lives.

Responsible for all the content that will air, the editor-in-chief of the program, Eduardo Biaginni, explains this mission of A Voz do Brasil. “The idea of ​​what’s on the air, basically, is to try to convey to listeners the impacts that government actions and programs have on their daily lives. How the actions designed and carried out in the offices here in Brasília are reflected at the end. From this, the guidelines that go on the air are developed. And the focus is always on this, on service, on how people can access or benefit from government actions”, he says. According to him, the program currently has a very wide audience, ranging from residents of large capitals, small towns, rural areas and even riverside dwellers.

Biaginni believes in the role that A Voz do Brasil plays as a direct communication channel between the government and the Brazilian population, reporting on matters and services that the public would rarely have access to on commercial radio stations.

The two voices of Brazil

EBC journalists, Gabriela Mendes and Nasi Brum are the presenters who give voice to the program today. She has been with the company for 16 years, and has been acting as an announcer for the program for four years, and before that she was already an editor. “For me, it’s an honor and a pride to be the female voice of the oldest radio show in the country. We reach places where no other means of communication can reach and we manage to talk to people in the most remote places in Brazil”, he says.

According to her, A Voz do Brasil takes the government’s news to citizens that impact their life and that “most of the time, these people only find out about programs and public policies to which they are entitled through the Voice”, she says.

An EBC employee for 35 years, Nasi Brum has been presenting A Voz do Brasil for five years. According to the presenter, A Voz has the role of showing the citizen how public resources are applied. “These are public policies and services that many times the citizen did not even know existed to improve his life”, he says.

President at the anniversary week of A Voz do Brasil
President Jair Bolsonaro gave an interview to the program A Voz do Brasil, last Tuesday (20th). In the interview, Bolsonaro spoke about emergency aid and economic growth.

Watch in full.

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On 07/22/2021
Source: Agência Brasil – Brasília
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