a woman shot dead by her ex-boyfriend, already known for domestic violence

A 32-year-old young woman was shot dead on Friday, June 11 afternoon in Monéteau (Yonne) by her former companion, already known to justice for domestic violence, said Hugues de Phily, prosecutor of the Republic of Auxerre.

«The woman is deceased. The alleged shooter was arrested by the municipal police, then handed over to the gendarmes who immediately took him into custody“, Hugues de Phily told AFP, confirming information from the daily The Republican Yonne. The feminicide took place in a public parking lot, in the city center of this residential town of some 4,000 inhabitants, located north of Auxerre. According to witnesses alerted by the shots and quoted by the radio France Blue, the 34-year-old man shot his ex-girlfriend twice, then a third time ten minutes later. The couple have two young children, 18 months and 5 years old.

At the beginning of the year, the young woman had filed a complaint against her former companion and had attended an association to help victims of domestic violence. “Until then, we had no alarming signal allowing us to think that his ex-companion was after his life», Said Hugues de Phily. The man had been the subject of a criminal composition, an alternative to legal proceedings, for which he had to follow a course to raise awareness of domestic violence, added the prosecutor. “We will take a careful look at what the previous signals had been and what responses were given“, he said.

The ultimate stage of violence suffered by more than 200,000 women per year, feminicides had experienced a sharp increase in 2019, with 146 deaths recorded (25 more than in 2018). In 2020, according to figures from the Ministry of Justice, 90 women were killed by their spouse or ex-spouse.


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