Abdullah Al-Thani directs the transfer of Gaza’s injured, whose cases require completion of treatment, to Jordan – Politics – News

The Jordanian Monarch, King Abdullah II, directed the Jordanian Armed Forces to transfer the injured from the Gaza Strip whose conditions require completion of treatment to the Kingdom’s hospitals, stressing the importance of providing care and the best care for the sick and injured in the hospital, according to the Jordanian News Agency (Petra).

The Jordanian royal court said in a statement that the king confirmed during a phone call with the head of the reinforcement mission of the Jordanian field hospital (Gaza / 66) Lieutenant Colonel Haitham Arbihat today, Saturday, that Jordan continues to provide all means of support to the Palestinian brothers.

The statement indicated that the Jordanian monarch was reassured during the call on the conditions and needs of the Jordanian field hospital in the Gaza Strip, and on the injured Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip who are receiving treatment there.

King Abdullah II had recently directed the Jordanian Armed Forces to reinforce the field hospital with a mobile field hospital equipped with all equipment and medical personnel to receive the increasing numbers of casualties resulting from the Israeli strikes.

The king also recently instructed to equip a new military field hospital in the Gaza Strip, with the highest medical standards, to support and support the medical efforts of the Jordanian military field hospital.

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