Abel sees fair result and exalts Ron: “Player that any coach wants to have on the team”

Palmeiras had another brilliant display of Ron by the Copa Libertadores for battery or Defense and Justice on Tuesday night. Satisfied, the coach Abel Ferreira considered the win by 2 to 1 fair at the Norberto Tomaghello Stadium and exalted his striker.

After a first half of few emotions, Ron received from Luiz Adriano on the back of the defense and defined with precision against Unsain. Shortly afterwards, in a counterattack play, the center forward crossed low from the right and the number 7 completed on the other side.

“He is a player that any coach wants to have on his team: intense, technical, who defends, attacks. And we proposed the challenge of playing in the front, because we believe that modern football is intensity, speed. Get to the area and not be in the area. Ron gives us all of that, ”said Abel.

“You can do any of the positions in the front, center forward or tip. He accepted the challenge of the technical commission, but everything that is happening is the result of his work and dedication. And also the team’s collective game. We are happy, because when we have a strong collective game and organization, individual quality emerges ”, he added.

After a free kick by Benitez on the right, Defensa y Justicia decreased through Tripichio. In an attempt to reach a draw, the persistent Argentine team put pressure during the final minutes, but Palmeiras knew how to defend themselves to guarantee the triumph.

“The most defensive system in existence was exactly that of Defensa y Justicia: a line of five defenders, four ahead and just one center forward. He played on the boom, waiting for our mistakes ”, analyzed Abel. “It was a fair victory for a team that is young and, as the games go on, they learn from their experiences,” he added.

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