About a thousand demonstrators for the right to housing in Paris

About a thousand activists, poorly housed people and homeless exiles, demonstrated in Paris on Sunday for the right to housing and against the resumption of rental evictions with the end of the winter truce on Tuesday, AFP noted. On the arrival of the procession, Place de la République, some 200 homeless migrants boarded buses chartered by the Ile-de-France prefecture and the Paris town hall to be taken to emergency accommodation, according to an AFP count.

At the end of the afternoon, others were still waiting, supervised by a police device. The prefecture refused to communicate the number of people supported and their destinations before the end of the operation, while the government announced on May 21 that it was keeping the 43,000 accommodation places open until the end of March 2022. emergencies created since the first confinement, in March 2020.

«Stop, that’s enough! 50% of exiles sleep on the streets for months. We are simply asking that in this rich country the street is not an alternative. There are 3.1 million empty homes, (we want) requisitionsYann Manzi, founder of Utopia 56, one of the associations which called for demonstrations, told AFP. It had been at the origin of the installation of tents by exiles on November 23 at Place de la République, in the center of Paris, which ended with a strong intervention by the police.

On Sunday, the demonstrators also called for an end to rental evictions, lower rents, an increase in APL (personalized housing assistance) or “decent and sustainable housing for everyone“. According to Jean-Baptiste Eyraud, spokesperson for the DAL, “30,000 tenants are threatened with eviction“From Tuesday with the end of the winter break, mainly”the first to do chores, those who keep France running». «Those who have low-skilled jobs in hospitals, (cleaning companies), on construction sites, those who take care of our old people, are at the checkouts of supermarkets»He developed.

Due to the health and economic crisis linked to the coronavirus epidemic, the government had extended the winter truce by two months, which usually suspends rental evictions between November 1 and March 31.

According to a parliamentary report published last February, 3,500 people were evicted from their homes in 2020, a figure down 79% from 2019 due to the extension of the winter break.


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