According to CEO Tim Cook, Apple will not invest in cryptocurrencies for the time being

Time and again, large companies such as Apple or Amazon are associated with cryptocurrencies. Rumors in this regard often lead to great euphoria among investors in Bitcoin and Co. Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out against Apple’s crypto investment at the Dealbook conference, although he himself holds Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Having cryptos is reasonable

In principle, Cook seems to be convinced of cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, these belong in a well-diversified portfolio. “Yes, I do,” the 61-year-old replied to the question of whether he himself invested in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Nevertheless, Cook made it clear at the same time that this case was not about any investment advice.

“I am interested in for a while for cryptos. I have researched. I think it’s interesting, ”continued Cook. So the Apple boss doesn’t seem to be very deep in the matter.

Apple will not accept cryptos as a means of payment

In order not to stir up false hopes, however, Cook subsequently stated that his investment should be viewed from a purely private perspective. At Apple there are currently no plans to accept cryptos as a means of payment.

Also as an investment for the company Cryptocurrencies are currently not an issue. “We don’t plan to do that immediately,” said Cook. “I don’t think people are buying Apple stock to get into crypto. If that’s what they want, there are other ways they can invest directly in crypto, ”he added.

At least In the short to medium term, Apple will not join other companies such as Tesla or MicroStrategy. Tesla holds around 42,000 Bitcoins, Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy even 114,000. This corresponds to a value of around 7.5 billion US dollars. Incidentally, the software manufacturer paid just over three billion US dollars.

Apple is currently with a market capitalization The most valuable company in the world after Microsoft at around $ 2.47 trillion. Apple had to give up first place after weak quarterly results.

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