According to Richard Ferrand, Jean Castex will propose to postpone the poll by one week

On RTL, the President of the National Assembly announced that the Prime Minister was going to make this proposal before Parliament.

This is yet another twist in the organization of regional and departmental elections. This morning on RTL, the President of the National Assembly, announced that the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was going to propose a postponement of these polls for a week. “The Prime Minister will propose that the elections take place in June, perhaps by postponing until June 27 the second round“, Explained Richard Ferrand, welcoming this decision, which was part of his proposals to Jean Castex.

«The Prime Minister consulted the world, he did well and it is to his credit. I also want to condemn those who sometimes yell because we would not consult them enough and who then yell because we consult everyone», Added the President of the National Assembly.

The mayors mainly for the maintenance

Consulted this weekend by the executive, the mayors voted 56% in favor of maintaining regional elections. Only 40% replied “nonAnd 4% did not answer the question asked, for a participation of 69%.

Before that, the Prime Minister had also consulted political parties and associations of local elected representatives: a major part of them had also declared themselves in favor of maintaining the poll.

If Jean Castex’s proposal were voted on by Parliament, the first round of these elections would therefore take place on June 20 and the second on June 27.


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