activists authorized to assemble near the Assembly

Young climate activists on Tuesday, April 13 obtained the right to gather near the National Assembly to challenge the deputies on the bill “climate and resilienceCurrently under discussion.

The Paris police headquarters issued a decree on Monday banning static gatherings of these several dozen young people for the entire week in a square near the Palais Bourbon, to demand “a climate law up to the climate emergency“. The decree invoked in particular health considerations linked to the Covid epidemic and the lack of law enforcement to supervise the event.

The organizers, as well as the NGO “Our common business», Which promotes legal action in favor of the climate, had challenged this ban in urgent procedure (summary) before the administrative court of Paris. The summary judge ruled in favor of them in a judgment handed down on Tuesday. In particular, he estimated that the number of activists present, “a maximum of twenty people (…) who have undertaken to respect all barrier gestures“And the fact that they”will meet statically“In a place of sufficient size did not make it possible to prohibit their gathering”by retaining the reason for the need to protect public health“. He also considered that the prefecture had not demonstrated possible reasons for “public security».

The applicants welcomed a “victory for democratic dialogue“, While left-wing and green deputies challenged the ban on Monday, denouncing the”zealousFrom the prefecture. “Democracy is not dead, it is important that citizens can resume dialogue with their representatives and influence decisions as industrial lobbies do.», Camille Etienne, one of the requesting organizers, told AFP.

Last week, this rally had provoked an altercation between a rebellious deputy who came to meet these young people and the police, and some deputies, including the majority, had been fined.


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