“Adidas” and “Nike” are in danger. A Vietnam crisis threatens the two largest companies in the sports equipment industry

Vietnamese media reported that the world’s two largest companies for the production of clothing and sports equipment are in danger due to the negative impact of the Corona virus pandemic on the non-return of Vietnamese workers to Taiwan to complete their work in one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world. And the newspaper “Zing News” indicated that the failure of tens of thousands of employees to return to work in a Vietnamese unit of the world’s largest sports shoe maker, puts plans to return to full production next month at risk.

She pointed out that only 20% to 30% of the workers returned to the operations center of the Taiwan shoe-making company “Bo Chin Krupp” in Ho Chi Minh City.
She indicated that more than 40,000 workers have not returned yet, and that the company’s most prominent customers are Nike and Adidas, as thousands of Vietnamese migrant workers returned to their home provinces during the “Covid 19” epidemic, and the company is not sure whether it can increase the number of employees to work. Full capacity as planned in mid-November.

And she continued: “This threat adds to months of stress on global industrial supply chains, as the “Covid 19” pandemic has forced the closure of factories and ports across Asia, the main producer of computer chips, raw materials and ready-made consumer goods such as sports shoes, children’s toys and cars.

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