After an argument about her image with Muhammad Ramadan … Mahira Abdel Aziz responds

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Video footage in which Emirati journalist Mahira Abdulaziz appeared with Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan during an event, sparked widespread controversy over the last hours.

Some criticized Mahira, after a photo and a video clip appeared in which she welcomed Muhammad Ramadan, as they were apparently close to each other.

Later, Mahira deleted the video from her account, after a wave of criticism rose to her.

The Emirati media responded via her Twitter account, saying: “Muhammad Ramadan is a dear friend of my heart, and he is like my brother. I rejoice at his successes as he does not rejoice at my successes … all love and respect for his talent in the series Musa.”

Mahira Muhammad Ramadan met on the sidelines of an event honoring him in Dubai on the occasion of his new Ramadan series (Musa).


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