After so much suspense, CBF players gave birth to a mouse, as expected – 06/09/2021 – Juca Kfouri

As was to be expected, the players of the Brazilian team made a manifesto for electricity and running water: they are against Cova América, but they will not bury it, because they are professionals, they dream of wearing the yellow jersey, blah blah blah.

Finally, they behaved as usual, on their knees, immature, Murists. In short, a football player has to play football, a student has to study, a worker has to work and leave politics to the politicians, let the people fall apart, the country turn around, the national team above all, God above everyone.

So let’s deal with football.

Against Paraguay, in the empty Defensores del Chaco, which makes things less difficult, the team played in blue after yellowing in the face of the boycott and had no major problems in beating the hosts 2-0, which had not happened since 1985. Completed, as is known, six victories in six games, the only point in common with João Saldanha in the campaign that classified the team for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico.

It should be said that it was a beautiful Tuesday (8) of the Olympic team’s performance against Serbia, in a 3-0 victory, more enchanting than the victory over the Paraguayans, although also with safe performance and good moments, despite the too many wasted chances.

Beating South Americans has been a constant, even dull and unchallenging. As Tite and his players know well, the problem is when a Belgium, France, Germany comes up, it’s not even good to talk.

And the menu for the next almost 30 days will be of absolute technical monotony, with Cova América to disrupt the Brazilian Championship and the Copa do Brasil.

Let’s wait to see how the genocide will commemorate half a million deaths in the midst of the tournament that he irresponsibly brought to the country.


The de facto president of the CBF, Marco Polo Del Nero, although banned from soccer by FIFA, when he was a law student at Mackenzie, in São Paulo, was a member, and never denied, of the infamous CCC, the Communist Fighter Command, a group that he invaded theaters to attack left-wing actors and students.

After succeeding José Maria Marin, imprisoned in the United States, at Casa Bandida do Futebol, in 2015, he chose as his right arm the minor secretary Walter Feldman, whose political life began in PCdoB, the Communist Party of Brazil.

Nero gave up sending communists to the stake and began to pay royal salaries to the, as far as is known, ex-communist.

Someone will cynically say that both have progressed.

As mentioned here, the minor secretary in silence as soon as the accusations about the sexual and moral harassment of the now estranged Rogério Caboclo emerged was a bad sign for the harasser.

It was for no other reason that Caboclo wanted to fire him when he felt betrayed, but it was too late.

Ex-communists are a danger, even more than neo-communists like Tite…

Caboclo is finished in football, probably complicated at home, but financially secure, just look at what he’s earned since he stepped on CBF. (By the way, the website “De Olho nos Ruralistas” provides an eloquent summary of the business activities of the harasser and his collaborators.)

As for the participation of the Brazilian team in Cova América, no surprise.

St. Thomas was a sage, and we must thank him every day for encouraging us to be skeptical.

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