After the fire in Ryazan, they started talking about problems with ventilators

The human factor could also be the cause of the fire.

In Ryazan, three people died as a result of a night fire in the regional hospital. Semashko. The preliminary cause of the fire was ventilators. Last year, similar cases occurred with Aventa-M ventilators in hospitals in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This time we are talking about the Chinese devices Boaray 5000D. The expert said that absolutely all ventilators have a risk of fire – it’s all about oxygen.

The fire brigade was reported at half past four in the morning. According to Life, citing its own source, the nurse heard a characteristic pop in the intensive care unit, after which the room began to be covered with smoke. The nurses of the covid ward – Elena Fedorova and Zlata Burova – rushed to save the patients and tried to extinguish the fire before the firefighters arrived. As a result, Elena Fedorova received severe burns – she was hospitalized with 75% of her body affected. The girl will be treated in Moscow.

Firefighters arrived just a few minutes later and quickly eliminated the main fire source, they managed to completely extinguish the fire at 4:19. In total, the fire injured eight people – they were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. Three patients did not survive, who were in the ward where there was a fire source. It is known that among the dead are 68-year-old, 63-year-old and 72-year-old patients. One of them died in the ambulance.

In total, 46 people were evacuated from the building, including 36 patients and ten paramedics. Patients with coronavirus who were in the intensive care unit were assigned to the “red zones” of other hospitals. “Five minutes later, firemen and ambulances literally arrived. All patients – 10 people from the intensive care unit, and 26 patients from the second floor – were also quickly evacuated, “- said the governor of the region Nikolai Lyubimov on the air of” Russia-24 “. He promised to pay the families of those killed in the hospital fire 1 million rubles each.

The media reported that the Moscow company “Delrus-Center” was the supplier of the ventilator. The ventilator was manufactured by Shenzhen Probe Science & Technology Co., Ltd. In total, the region purchased 20 devices of the Chinese brand for a total of 57 million rubles. 10 Prunus Boaray devices were delivered to City Clinical Hospital No. 11, 8 – to the Regional Clinical Hospital of Ryazan on Internatsionalnaya Street, and 2 – to the OKB im. Semashko.

According to the governor, a voltage drop in the power grid could have caused the fire. He suggested that the Chinese device might not have protection against voltage surges and short circuits. The website of the Investigative Committee for the Ryazan Region indicates that the investigation is considering different versions of what happened, without a series of examinations it is impossible to talk about the probable causes of the tragedy.

“Absolutely all ventilators, including the most branded manufacturers, have one weak point – oxygen. It is highly flammable. We do not know the details, but the cases that were with the devices in St. Petersburg are associated with improper oxygen treatment. The fact is that hospitals are equipped with either oxygen ducts or cylinders. In the first case, the consequences will be less, in the second – if the balloon is installed in the room, it will lead to an explosion. Roughly speaking, if there is a problem with the wiring, then everything in the room will smoke, but people will be taken out and that’s all. And oxygen explodes over a huge area, ”explained an expert in the field of medical technology, who asked to remain anonymous.

According to him, for the conditions of such an explosion, several factors must always coincide, and most often it is human. “If the device is working properly and the correct components are installed in it, then it rarely burns. And most often the human factor is triggered: they did not do the prophylaxis on time, did not change the gaskets. It is very dangerous, ”the specialist concluded.

Konstantin Lebedinsky, President of the Federation of Anesthesiologists and Reanimatologists, noted that he was not familiar with this particular ventilator, but most often they light up from the “thermal runaway of the battery.” “When a battery is charging and running at the same time, it can start to get hot. Oxygen in this case only supports combustion, ”explained Lebedinsky.

On the fact of the incident, the regional Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the article “causing death by negligence.” Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastyrkin put the investigation under control. Ryazan authorities intend to check all hospitals in the region for compliance with fire safety requirements.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28556 dated June 10, 2021

Newspaper headline:
“I tried to extinguish, I caught fire myself”


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