After the meeting, Tiago Leifert flies to São Paulo, where he records Domingão – 06/11/2021 – Zapping – Cristina Padiglione

Caught by surprise by Globo’s management this Thursday (11), Tiago Leifert interrupted his vacation much earlier than he wanted to, to record, this Friday (11), the presentation of Domingão do Faustão this weekend. Fausto Silva, 71, was hospitalized to treat, according to him, a urinary tract infection.

In contact with the column on Wednesday (10), a person close to Fausto Silva reported that he had been undergoing a “treatment” in a “hospital”, but did not respond to the question about the reason. On Thursday, advised by his doctors, he decided to stay in hospital in order to have greater control of the disease.

Leifert has already held a meeting this Thursday with the program’s management staff. All predictions for Sunday, mainly involving the presentation of the three pairs that will compete in the “Superdance of the Famous”, are maintained.

Fausto Silva hopes to be released from the Albert Einstein hospital, in São Paulo, by Saturday (12), but everything will depend on the evolution of his condition. Globo informs that Leifert will take over Domingão until the owner recovers. This is the first time that Fausto has not presented the program for health reasons.


In Rome, reporter Marina Izidro registers, this Friday (11), the opening of the Euro Cup, which celebrates its 60th anniversary. For the first time, the competition will be itinerant, passing through 11 countries, starting with Italy, which faces Turkey. SportTV broadcasts the game from 3:30 pm, with an open signal on GloboPlay.


Eduardo Moscovis will revive the bookie Castor de Andrade in the series “El Presidente”, which is being recorded in Uruguay, at the initiative of Amazon Prime Video. The news was published by O Globo columnist Patricia Kogut. The actor was up in competition, by Netflix, last year, in the series “Bom Dia, Verônica”, and now he is playing in theaters with “Veneza”, a film by Miguel Falabella.


The broadcast of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade on GNT on Sunday (6), attracted more than 747,000 people to the TV channel, live, with an audience 59% greater than the audience of the Parade in 2020. On Twitter, there were about 1 million impressions and 69,000 interactions, taking the matter to 6th place on Twitter.


9.3 points
yielded the rerun of “Topíssima”, Wednesday (9), on Record: good score

23.5 points
marked Jornal Nacional on Wednesday (9), well short of usual


Arlete Salles revisits her trajectory on stage and screen in an interview with Pedro Bial
Conversation with Bial – Globo, at 1:05 am

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